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Name:Kuril-free cleaning Paste
Category:Chemical water

Kuril Paste is designed for fast printing operation and a broad process window and the development of the middle class. The product of the use of special welding and oxides help in a small spherical tin powder from the development, with excellent printing Definition of a row. Tu to India to 0.3 mm pitch of the micro-circuit boards, high precision. The paste in high-speed printing and low-pressure circumstances a very good printing results. Flux in the medium temperature returning to volatile, has a good sticky and tasteless, non-collapse phenomenon, there will not be returning after-tin. Only a small amount of welding board transparent residues, not cleaning.

• suitable for high-speed printing
• Blade only a very low pressure (a net increase of the board and scraper life!)
• the use of printing time> eight hours
• In the 18-35 ℃ between stability in the printing effects
• No irritating smell
• In the tin / lead, nickel / gold, organic surface coating, silver / lithium alloy, with excellent wetting
• No collapse
• reflow after the remnants of little
• No internal circuit test problem

Storage: Store this paste in a confined container, preferably 7 ℃ around the refrigerator. Stencil or long-term storage in the transport process will appear in minor dissociation, it is suggested to use before the paste evenly mixed.
Printing: will be sufficient under the stencil board network, making heads roll in the printing process smoother. Start printing 1-2 cm of the stencil more appropriate, and then from time to time to add a small number of new network-by.
Return: in the air or nitrogen can be protected in the conduct. In general the use of infrared Jian furnace, the proposed temperature maintained at 160 ℃ to the melting point during this time should be kept to a minimum. In return the area above the melting point in time should be controlled between 45-90 seconds. Peak temperature above the melting point between 30-50 ℃.

tin powder shape
Tin powder particle shape and size are scolded the ball to, PC-SP-819 Li standards.

tin powder oxygen content
Tin powder production levels remain lower than during the 700 ppm, tin oxide powder and other impurities in the mouth of Paste will be tested before the proportion of less than 0.13 percent for usage.

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