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Name:Rosin flux of resin (UY-810)
Category:Chemical water

-, product features and application objects:
1, WY-810 for the resin-based liquid flux, look for the brown-yellow transparent liquid, solid content high;
2, particularly applicable to the foaming wave soldering and welding Baptist;
3, welding after the board covered, cooling after the board dry, non-stick in hand, the bright spot, no corrosion, has high insulation resistance, low-odor, very good activity;
4, welding can be cleaned;
5, suitable for all kinds of PCB board, particularly of serious apply to the PCB board or with pins;
6, suitable for hand-iron Welding points or welding chip components;
7, Flux strong anti-oxidation, after the board of welding residual color less residue easy to clean;
8, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances industry, apply to the welding of consumer products, instrumentation, transformers and other products.

II, wave soldering machine parameters:
A, preheating temperature: 100 -110 ℃ (board of the actual temperature)
B, tin pot temperature: 245 ℃ -250 ℃
C, walk-rate: 1.2 - 1.4m / min
D, Inclination: 5.0-6.0 degrees

3, related technical parameters:


colorless, transparent

solid content%


proportion g / m

0.82 ± 0.005

flash point ℃ (a)


expansion rate%

≥ 93

halogen content%


insulation resistance Ω

> 1x10 12

copper corrosion


drying of


water extract of resistivity (Ω cm)

2.1x10 12

40, Attention:
1, is prohibited with other types of flux, thinner mix;
2, for the Baptist welding, welding foam, should be added diluent QD008, Baptist welding tank foam bed or continuous use of flux - weeks, should be replaced from new products;
3, welding the region should have ventilation facilities;
4, rationally adjust the volume or impregnated foam height, so that the flux in the PC board evenly distributed;
5, the PCB of serious or pins can be used with this flux welding or handling;
6, the PCB panel, C socket prudent use of the product and recommended welding after cleansing.

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