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Name:Lead-free Solder Bar
Category:Lead-free Commodities
the Company of the solder-years of research and practical experience, combined with modern electronics industry development direction of the green and reliable The demand for products, high purity metal raw materials used for non-Tin Lead production. In strict quality control under the control and effective control of the extent and metal oxide, non-metallic impurities content, tin, smooth surface of uniform, high purity, after the melting of the flow of good, excellent wetting, bright spot, the oxidation of slag Residue rarely occurred. Applicable to the requirements of the various high-quality hand-wave soldering and welding, the company continued research and development, provide a wide range of alloys of various types of non-Pb-Sn choice for customers.

• Lead-tin oxide,
• Lead-high temperature of
• Lead-low temperature of
• Lead-extinction of the
• Lead containing silver, tin
• other special-use of the
To help you smooth transition to lead-free process, you’re ready to import lead-free assembly production, dry Island company to provide you with lead-free welding materials into points that can help your production provide valuable help.

• Please choose Sn / Ag / Cu, Sn / Cu, Sn / Ag series alloys, because the various series in the lead-free solder alloy is in the best eutectic alloy
• At the same time lead to the mix and well tolerated more applicable to the whole of the gradual lead-free process.
• Check unleaded stability of temperature control equipment to ensure that when the minimum temperature welding.
• use of nitrogen gas welding design template opening environment, higher activity of lead-free solder flux to solve the problem of weak wetting.
• attention after the reliability of welding inspection, including electrical performance and docking of stress, heat fatigue, creep and mechanical vibration damage inspection.
• attach products to confirm the material and heat-resistant alloys used in solder and match.

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