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Name:Lead-free Solder Wire
Category:Lead-free Commodities

The unleaded tin advantage of one in Thousand island:
1,Green environmental protection, pollution-free.
2,Wet time short, the welding can be good.
3,Can not be spattered and played Colophoniums at the soldering tin.
4,The interior Colophonium is distributed evenly, continuity is good.
5,There are few head drosses of flatirons.
6,Do not know the tangles with tin silk when leave automatically.
7,One is neat, esthetic, the surface is bright.
8,There are no stench flavor, smog little and not containing and poisoning volatilizing the gas of health.

Silk foot-path of standard tin      Specification range      0.3mm-5.0mm 
.  .  .  .  .  . 
Various medicine core (the core of Colophonium) Contrast and pursue  
Standard type  3.3 Appropriate amount of % type  2 is a small amount of type  1.2 % 

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