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Service concept

Our Prospect

Devote to becoming an outstanding supplier of tin products.

Our Mission

Quality creates customer value.

Basic Concept

Center on people and chase for common development of the people and the society.

Enterprise Spirits

Team spirits, innovation spirits, challenge spirits and contribution spirits.

. Team Spirits

Development of new products needs a high-efficiency, religious and harmonic team. Our living environment requires us to build up a team and organization that can satisfy customer requirements, requires our staff to truly realize their place in the value chain of the enterprise and create product value through high-efficiency team work, knowledge share and resources complementation.

. Innovation Spirits

As a manufacturing company, constant innovation is the basic momentum for sustainable development of Thousand Island . We reckon that innovation is an active way of thinking and embodies in the aspects of research, development, application, service, management and culture. Combination of innovative capability and practice of each staff member will realize innovation of the enterprise and constant breakthrough will bring constant development. The innovation that we advocate is not simply being larruping, but innovation which is based on being good at learning and application and which is used for building core competitive force for sustainable development of the enterprise. 。

. Challenge Spirits

As for the capricious and competitive industry of metal foil, we reckon that only when we possess challenge spirits can we boldly advance and break through when in front of competition and pressure. Success requires us to forget achievements we have gained in the past and keep up learning. We advocate surpassing ourselves, persistently pursuing and continuously challenging the summit of technology and market.

. Contribution Spirits

Growth and development of Thousand Island indispensable is indispensable with staff’s understanding and contribution to our company. That keeping up working with the passion of a business opener is the culture that we advocate. Thousand Island acknowledges contributions of its staff and rewards them as well.

Our Motto


. Set up a bridge for research, development and application of new products.

. We choose this industry and we also choose our pursuit and ideal.

. Applying knowledge is more important than owning knowledge.

. Choosing cooperative partners is more important than choosing products.

. A good enterprise is a school.

. Quality is a kind of attitude.

. All begins from details of manufacturing .

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