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Sn-Cu series of solder has simple composition, good supplying performance and low cost, so it is widely used for flow welding (wave welding) and dipping welding of the base board and it is suitable for acting as rosin core soft solder. Special raw materials can be added to form special solder. Then the fluidity during melting state would be improved obviously, there would be no solder bridge phenomenon in IC flow welding of tiny-spacing OFP, there would also be no acicular crystal and pore which are uniquely owned by lead-free solder and there would also occur glossy fillet. Sn-Cu solder also has such features as good extensibility, high creep resistance and low resistance. The biggest merit of this solder is that, as a circular product, there are no silver, bismuth and zinc in the recycled solder gas so it can be recycled.

We strongly recommend Sn-Cu lead-free solder to you as it has many purposes. We can make lead-free solder bar and solder wire of various specifications and purposes as per your requirements.

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